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With more than 280,000 registered users worldwide, *Research can offer advertisers unparalleled access to the global research community and academic market across all disciplines.

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Why advertise with us?

  • We cover the whole market Ninety-eight per cent of the UK academic market subscribes to our products.
  • We only attract the relevant people Our products are extremely targeted. Only qualified, relevant professionals subscribe to our products.
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  • We can provide a new audience on a regular basis We send more than 150,000 email alerts to our subscribers every week.
  • We offer a tailor-made advertising solution to suit you Bespoke advertising packages that best suit your needs and requirements are available on request.
  • We have an unrivalled knowledge and understanding of the research world With 20 years of experience in research news and research funding, our team of experts have unparalleled access to and understanding of the research community.

For more information, please see our media pack, or feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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