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Opportunity profile: A vision of the future

Image: www.lyncconf.com [CC BY 2.0]

Fight for Sight’s research manager looks forward to exciting bids to the charity in 2020

Top tips: 

  • First-time supervisors are welcome to apply for PhD Studentships but should show the support of a more experienced mentor.
  • For its Project Grants and Small Grants, the charity would particularly welcome engineering and interdisciplinary approaches.
  • The charity welcomes riskier research but applicants should show supporting evidence and always demonstrate their ability with the research techniques used.
  • Potential applicants should call the charity for guidance if they feel it would be helpful.

In 2018 Fight for Sight spent £2.9 million on vision research projects, positioning it as the leading vision research charity in the UK. Next year it will offers Project Grants, Small Grants, a Primer Fellowship, a Clinical Research Training Fellowship and PhD studentships.

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