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Opportunity profile: NSF-ERC scheme fosters research visits


Programme linking NSF-funded researchers with ERC-funded hosts expands

Top tips:

  • The programme is mainly aimed at early to mid-career researchers, but they are not favoured in the selection process
  • The proposal has to be related to the NSF-funded researchers existing award, and should enhance it
  • Strong applications are built on thorough communication between the partners, as well as the NSF programme manager
  • Visits can be delayed, so travel restrictions due to the coronavirus crisis are not a deal-breaker

A transatlantic power couple rivalling Harry and Meghan, the National Science Foundation in the United States and the European Research Council have run a research collaboration scheme since 2012. Now, under a recently expanded arrangement, researchers with active NSF awards can be hosted in Europe by ERC-funded research groups for up to one year.

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