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My winning proposal: Astronomical success at the ERC

Dutch astronomer Léon Koopmans talks about winning a coveted ERC Advanced Grant

Top tips

  • Timing is important: don’t submit a proposal until your research is at the right stage.
  • Your proposal needs to have high impact potential and you should be willing to take risks.
  • Take time to think of all possible counterarguments and how you would address them.
  • Put yourself in the head of a review panel member and make it easy for them to grasp what you are proposing.

The European Research Council’s prestigious Advanced Grants are among the European Union’s top prizes in research funding. Grants are worth up to €2.5 million (£2.2m) over five years, with an additional €1m available for extra costs such as moving to a different country. Awarded yearly, Advanced Grants are available to individual researchers with an established track record.

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