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My winning proposal: Visualising centre-to-centre success

Paint a picture for the panel, suggests EPSRC International Centre-to-Centre Research Collaborations grant-holder

Leroy’s grant-writing tips:

  • When writing a proposal, start with the big picture and add details in later.
  • Unless writing a grant for a highly applied scheme, start with an interesting scientific problem rather than its application; remember that most reviewers and panellists will be leading scientists.
  • Getting feedback on bids remains crucial throughout your career, though you will most likely rely on the research office much more for that when you start out.
  • Consider grant-writing like painting a picture: your readers need to visualise what it is you want to achieve.

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council launched a second round of its International Centre-to-Centre Research Collaborations grants on 5 May. Their goal is to allow researchers in different countries to come together to tackle pressing problems.

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