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The funding nightmare before Christmas

Image: JD Hancock [CC BY 2.0], via Flickr

A cautionary tale of how bids can go badly awry

Like everyone says, the build-up to Christmas seems to start earlier every year. And so it is for Funding Insight. But this year we are preparing for some end-of-year festivities with a difference and are taking our cue from stop-motion animation classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas. In this film, the antihero Jack Skellington leads a band of ghoulish miscreants from Halloween Town in an attempt to hijack traditional Yuletide celebrations and turn them into the biggest fright-night the world has ever seen.

I won’t spoil the film to say whether or not Jack is successful, but I promise you, if you follow these instructions, stitched together from grants advice past, you will be able to celebrate your own funding nightmare in time for the festive season. I make no excuse for the fact that these instructions are only prompts, because to fully realise your nightmare vision there must be little planning and a whole lot of improvisation. Which brings us to the first prompt….

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