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Scotland awaits

Details of the White Paper outlining how an independent Scotland would function are due to be revealed this morning, writes Alison Goddard.

At 10am at the science centre in Glasgow, Alex Salmond, the first minister in the Scottish Parliament and leader of the Scottish National Party, will unveil details of what Scotland might expect should its people vote for independence. The 670-page document will cover topics including the currency that would be used in an independent Scotland and the arrangements for removing nuclear submarines from Scottish waters. Education is already a devolved power, which is why the student finance arrangements are already so different in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (though the resulting social mix of university students is not). However research funding would be affected. Exactly how the Scottish National Party sees the matter will become clearer within the next couple of hours. The White Paper is intended to inform the thinking of voters ahead of a referendum—"Should Scotland be an independent country?"—due to be held on 18 September 2014. We shall have reporting and expert commentary on the Scottish document throughout the day that will be available only to subscribers to HE.

The Daily Telegraph reports plans by the British Council to create a network of accredited agents, who would also be asked to sign up to a code of practice. Such agents are widely used in many countries to match potential students to British universities and to facilitate the process of application and arrival in the UK.

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