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IDRC research communication internship

Research Africa is offering an intensive seven-month internship in South Africa, beginning in January 2012 and aimed at a communicator based at an African university, think tank or research institute.

Applicants must submit details of their proposed project, which must benefit the relevant research community and must be completed halfway through the internship. Failure to complete the research proposal in time will result in the internship being terminated.

Recommended topics for the project include establishing or upgrading websites, using social media such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr to communicate research, establishing and maintaining a blog, producing press releases and maintaining press contact lists, producing podcasts, and the utilisation of electronic broadcasting media such as television and radio.

Applicants must also submit their curriculum vitae, three copies (print or electronic) of their most recent research coverage, and a letter of permission from their line manager confirming that they would be allowed to take seven months off work (paid or unpaid leave).

Applicants will be expected to work fulltime producing material for the Research Africa newsroom as well as completing their project proposal, and will have to sign a commitment not to take on outside work during this demanding internship.

Applicants should be mature, self-motivated and independent, with fluent written and spoken English. They should have an International Computer Driving Licence as well as an accurate typing speed of 75 words per minute. Competence in both PC and Mac is recommended. A driver’s licence is recommended.

Priority will be given to applicants with responsibility for university/research institute/think tank websites and media communications, but fulltime research journalists and academics with an interest in media can also apply.

The successful applicant will be based at the Research Africa offices in Cape Town, South Africa. However, the successful applicant will also be required to work at university press offices in the Cape Town region, in order to gain wider experience, as well as at the regional African research and innovation management associations, and will also work in the London newsroom at the head office of ResearchResearch, publishers of Research Fortnight, pending a successful UK visa application.

Research Africa will cover the costs of travel to and from South Africa, accommodation and a small stipend. Visa costs will be reimbursed if valid receipts are submitted. The internship is funded by Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) as one of their five awards in science journalism awards.

Please email application, including certified copies of academic degrees, to sjp@research-africa.net with the subject line: Research Africa-IDRC research communication internship. Deadline: 5 November 2011.