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Mozambique launches revamped marine biology lab

A marine biology research station on Inhaca Island offshore from Mozambique’s capital Maputo has been re-launched after a refurbishment and expansion.

The refurbished station, which belongs to the country’s Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, opened in a ceremony on 22 November.

Sweden’s government funded the refurbishment to the tune of 12 million kronor (US$1.3m) through its aid agency, Sida. This has paid for new accommodation facilities for visiting researchers and students, a new laboratory, solar panels, and a small research vessel.

Christina de Carvalho Eriksson from Sweden’s embassy to Mozambique said the funding was an investment in the country’s research capacity.

“Marine biology is important in Mozambique, which has many unique habitats that mean a lot to both fisheries and the tourism industry,” she said.

“Mozambique needs a critical mass of researchers in this area and the station is an important part of UEM’s teaching programmes,” she added.

The station specialises in research on shrimp fisheries, seaweed management, mangrove forests, ocean pollution and tropical cyclones.