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Scopus wins ERA citations data tender

Elsevier’s SciVerse Scopus has been chosen by the Australian Research Council as the citations database for the next round of the Excellence for Research In Australia initiative.

“ERA is a world-class research evaluation initiative based on a combination of expert review and indicators of research excellence,” said Margaret Sheil, ARC’s chief executive officer, in a statement on 9 September.

“As citation analysis is one of the indicators used in ERA, it is crucial to appoint a suitable citation provider. Citation analysis is a widely recognised bibliometric tool for assessing the quality of scholarly research,” she added.

Scopus was used as the citations database for an ERA trial in 2009 and for its first full trial in 2010.

“In its continuing role as citation provider for ERA 2012, Scopus will help ensure the collection and analysis of citation data for ERA is accurate and not onerous for universities,” said Sheil.

“The ARC welcomes our continued partnership with SciVerse Scopus, and acknowledges the strong business commitment that they have shown throughout the evolution of ERA,” she added.

ERA will open for submissions in March 2012.