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Monash and Warwick form international partnership

Monash University in Melbourne and Warwick University in the UK have formed a partnership to deliver joint degrees and undertake joint research projects.

A statement by Monash University on 2 February said the partnership was intended to help meet the “increasing student, industry and government demand for universities to produce graduates with a global education, and undertake research that aims to address world relevant and strategically important problems that have proved too big for any one institution to address”.

Ed Byrne, the Monash vice-chancellor, said, “More and more we’re finding that students expect an international aspect to their degree and industry are demanding that graduates can operate in the global environment from day one.”

Nigel Thrift, Warwick’s vice-chancellor, said that the partnership will allow the two institutions’ research to compete in an ever-increasingly globalised environment.

“Each University brings their own network of international locations that will enhance the other’s position as globally connected universities. I believe that this will be a highly sought after model for research led universities,” he said.

“The world will sustain perhaps 50 such globally networked research-heavy universities which exist in many locations, do research in many locations, and which will produce students who will live, learn and research in many locations.”

According to the statement, areas of research in which the universities already have complementary strengths include sustainable chemistry, cultural connectivity, tropical medicine, advanced materials, behavioural economics and business and social policy.

The first initiatives of the partnership include an AU$3.2 million investment in 10 senior academic posts in each institution and the launching of joint PhD and master’s programmes.