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Monash partners nuclear agency to boost research

Monash University and the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) are partnering to enhance Australia's research efforts, it was announced on 28 September.

The agreement is designed to benefit researchers across fields that include nuclear science and technology, biomedical research and materials science.

“With ANSTO and Monash University researchers working together we can expect to see significant developments in key areas such as biomedical imaging, cancer therapy, accelerator and neutron science,” said Kim Carr, the innovation minister.

“Monash University’s linkages to many research capabilities in the Clayton area, such as the Australian Synchrotron, CSIRO, Monash Medical Centre and the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication, will boost the significant research, education and infrastructure outcomes that will result from Monash and ANSTO working together,” added Edwina Cornish, senior deputy vice-chancellor at Monash.

Adi Paterson, ANSTO CEO, said: “We’re hopeful that through this collaboration we can do research which will improve existing medical imaging techniques to better understand how diseases affect the body.”