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Fellows ‘will show women they can achieve great things’

Two well-known female researchers are among 17 laureate fellowships, worth over AU$44 million, awarded by the government on 10 August.

Pippa Norris, from the University of Sydney, received the Australian Research Council’s inaugural Kathleen Fitzpatrick Australian Laureate Fellowship, and Mahananda Dasgupta, from the Australian National University, was awarded the inaugural Georgina Sweet Australian Laureate Fellowship.

The award announcement said the two women hope to undertake a mentoring role as ambassadors to encourage women in research careers.

“These two new fellowships—named after prominent women researchers—were announced by the Prime Minister last year and I am confident the work Professors Norris and Dasgupta will undertake with their fellowships will show Australian women that they can achieve great things and follow long and strong research career paths,” said Kim Carr, the innovation minister.

The 17 fellows cover a range of topics, from the implications of an ageing population to how the first galaxies were formed.