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Funding boost for CRCs

The federal government will set aside AU$240 million for the Cooperative Research Centres programme in 2013, up some AU$90m from this year.

The funding will support collaborations with industry within innovative manufacturing, social innovation, and sustainable regional communities, it was announced on 29 November.

Chris Evans, the minister for science and research, said that for the first time part of the money will be earmarked for one of the priority areas, innovative manufacturing, which will get a minimum of AU$50m.

The government has committed more than AU$3.4bn to the programme so far and has announced plans to double collaboration between business, universities and public research agencies in the next decade. It has said it will contribute AU$625m in the next four years.

A study released in August claimed that the CRC will have an economic impact worth AU$5.9bn over the next five years.