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ANU tops tally for Laureate fellowships

The Australian National University has topped the latest round of Laureate Fellowships, winning four of the 17 awards given annually by the Australian Research Council (ARC), it was announced on 30 July.

This fellowship scheme supports excellence in research by attracting world-class researchers and research leaders to leading positions.

The two awards allocated to outstanding female scientists went to ANU staff: Sue O’Connor and Tessa Morris-Suzuki from the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific. The other ANU winners were David Lindenmayer from the university’s College of Medicine, Biology and Environment and Eelco Rohling, who works at the University of Southampton in the UK, but who will relocate to Australia soon, the university said. Funding for ANU’s researchers came to AU$11.8m.

The University of Sydney and Monash University each won three awards.

The ARC fellowships are worth a total of AU$46.6m.