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New South Wales to develop first medical research plan

New South Wales Health is developing the state’s first long-term plan to secure the future of the medical research industry.

The NSW Health and Medical Research Strategic Review committee, headed by Peter Wills, a prominent research advocate, started work on 22 July on a 10-year plan to ensure NSW remains a world-leader in medical research and technology.

The review, which is expected to be completed later this year, will streamline projects to reduce duplication and competition among researchers for funding. It will also link researchers with clinicians to ensure laboratory discoveries move to patients more quickly.

A series of roundtables and interviews will be held with key stakeholders over the coming weeks. Public submissions to the review will be invited soon.

The committee intends to release an issues paper in September followed by a draft report in October. These will provide an opportunity for stakeholders and the broader community to express their views.