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Phyllis Butow wins top NSW cancer research award

Cancer Institute NSW has awarded the state’s premier cancer research accolade to Phyllis Butow of Sydney University for her work showing that effective communication reduces anxiety and depression in people with cancer, it was announced on 21 July.

The award was made during Cancer Institute NSW’s annual cancer awards ceremony which honours the work of the state’s foremost cancer scientists.

Other prizewinners include the Child Cancer Research Collaborative based at the Children’s Cancer Institute Australia: Michelle Haber, Glenn Marshall and Murray Norris. They received the award for Excellence in Translational Research for the development of a test to predict which children with leukaemia are at high risk of relapse on standard therapy.

Steven Ka, from the University of Sydney received the Premier’s Award for Outstanding Cancer Research Scholar for research on patient responses to mesothelioma therapies.

The Pfizer Studentship Award was given to the University of New South Wales’ Emma Ramsay for research into a drug that hampers growth of tumours by inhibiting cells responsible for the delivery of nutrients to the tumour.

Research aimed at improving the management and treatment of people with melanoma, work concerning clinical trials in the Murrumbidgee region for a range of cancers as well as research focussed on improving management of patients with pancreatic cancer was also highlighted.

Rob Sanson-Fisher of the University of Newcastle claimed the inaugural Make a Difference Award for his cancer prevention work among disadvantaged and vulnerable populations.