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Monash launches behavioural research laboratory

A laboratory that will focus on behavioural research was launched at Monash University on 28 October.

The Behavioural Research Laboratory, based at Monash’s Caulfield campus, is a multi-disciplinary facility aimed at enhancing the Faculty of Business and Economics’ research capability to conduct behavioural experiments.

“The Faculty of Business and Economics is well known for embracing technology and innovation in research. The laboratory will allow us to foster greater cross-discipline research as well as increase student awareness and exposure to research in the behavioural disciplines,” said Harmen Oppewal, a professor in the department of marketing.

The laboratory features video monitoring equipment with eye-tracking capabilities, a suite of online survey software packages, a secure network operating system, eight self-contained, sound proofed cubicles, and 30 workstations.

“The new behavioural laboratory will enable our researchers and students to study such areas as consumer emotions, online shopping behaviour, brand and pricing effects, group decision-making and leadership and negotiation behaviour,” said Oppewal.

According to a Monash news release, there will be opportunities for the laboratory to be used by the private sector and government for customised research projects.