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Vice-chancellor steps down over admissions irregularity

An investigation exposing an “irregularity” in the enrolment procedure at the University of Queensland has led to the resignation of the vice-chancellor and his deputy.

According to UQ chancellor John Story, who ordered the investigation, it had unearthed an irregularity that “had allowed the admission to a course of a student whose qualifications did not meet the formal requirements of that course”. He said there had been no finding of misconduct by any individual.

In a statement issued by the university on 7 November, the chancellor said: “Professor [Paul] Greenfield, as Vice-Chancellor, and Professor [Michael] Keniger, as Acting Vice-Chancellor at the time, each accepted, by virtue of their positions, that they had ultimate responsibility and accountability for the irregularity and each offered his resignation.”

Story said that the matter had prompted the university to undertake a review of the student admissions process and that a number of changes had been recommended to the Senate’s Legislative Committee that would “tighten relevant rules and processes”.

Greenfield will step down in mid-2012 and Keniger in December 2011.

Deborah Terry, deputy vice-chancellor (academic), will take over as acting senior deputy vice-chancellor from 1 January 2012, until a replacement vice-chancellor has been recruited.