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Brisbane scientists to probe childhood diseases

Scientists in Brisbane will be carrying out an Australia-first research programme exploring common childhood diseases such as ADHD, asthma and obesity.

The Queensland Children’s Medical Research Institute (QCMRI), in partnership with the University of Queensland, launched the Children’s Health and Environment Program (CHEP) at the inaugural CHEP conference in Brisbane on 5-7 August.

According to Peter Sly, CHEP director, the programme will enable researchers to provide a coordinated, focused and innovative approach to environmental health issues.

It will explore the possible link between ADHD, asthma and obesity and household chemicals and airborne particles.

“Through CHEP, Australia will be able to collaborate with international groups, such as the World Health Organisation, while maintaining a special interest in issues affecting the Asia-Pacific region,” said Sly.

CHEP is a QCMRI initiative and will conduct research projects via senior researchers and programmes as well as higher degree research students.