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Energy committee hails decision to sustain Euratom

Members of the European Parliament’s energy and research committee (Itre) have welcomed the Commission’s decision to extend the budget of the Euratom nuclear energy and safety programme.

The Commission is to allocate €2.6 billion to Euratom over 2012 and 2013.

The bulk of the money, around €2.2bn, will go towards funding Iter, the France-based fusion reactor. The funding plan for the next two years was proposed by the European Commission in March this year and adopted by the Itre committee on 6 October.

The Hungarian Social Democrat MEP Edit Herczog said: “By ensuring proper financing, we are actively safeguarding the work of over 500 scientists, whose jobs were threatened if the budget would not have been allocated.”

“The Euratom Treaty allows research budgets to run for five years and the current period expires by the end of the year. With this proposal we achieve a common time-line for current Framework 7 and next Framework Programme 8,” she noted.