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Parliamentary committee adopts ‘Erasmus for All’ as ‘Yes Europe’

The European Parliament’s culture and education committee has adopted the European Commission’s proposal for Yes Europe, the student exchange programme commonly known as Erasmus.

One of the committee’s amendments is to call the scheme ‘Yes Europe’, it was proposed on 27 November.

The adopted proposal unifies existing programmes such as Erasmus and Erasmus Mundus, the European and international higher education mobility schemes, Leonardo da Vinci, a scheme for vocational training, Grundtvig, an adult learning programme, Comenius and Youth in Action. Members of the European Parliament said the names for these programmes should be maintained.

The proposal also says that students wishing to undertake masters’ degrees in another EU country could apply for loans from a new budget to be established under Yes Europe. The loans would be for up to €12,000 for one-year or €18,000 for two-year programmes.

It is expected that five million students will be able to benefit from the programme from 2014-2020. The budget allocation proposed by the Commission for the programme is €18 billion for that period.

This year’s Erasmus programme is facing a budget shortfall of €90 million (see RET 27 Nov 2012), for which the Commission has requested an amended budget. Neither the amended budget for 2012 nor the budget for 2013 have yet been agreed by the Council and Parliament.

The committee’s proposal for Yes Europe will be up for approval by the whole Parliament in a plenary session next year.