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Commission wants to widen access to national research facilities

The European Commission has launched a consultation to better integrate national research facilities in future Europe-wide research activities.

The initiative is a follow-up to the Integrating Activities action undertaken as part of the Framework 7 Programme and is meant to shape the research projects launched under the Horizon 2020 programme.

The initiative aims to bring together research infrastructures throughout Europe in order to promote their coordinated use and development. It will provide the users of research infrastructures with harmonised, improved and optimised access to the best research infrastructures in a given field, independent of where they are located and by whom they are operated, the Commission explains.

The Commission defines research infrastructures as “facilities, resources, systems and related services that are used by research communities to conduct top level research in their respective fields”.

The consultation consists of a call to the operators and users of research infrastructures for suggestions on possible topics for integrated activities. Proposals will be reviewed by a panel of independent experts, which will compile a report outlining the main requirements for the programme and offering recommendations on taking them forward.

The closing date for the submission of proposals is 22 October.