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Pablo Amor is confirmed as director of the ERC’s Executive Agency

The European Research Council has confirmed on 25 July that Pablo Amor will become the permanent director of the council’s Executive Agency from 1 August.

Amor, a long time Commission official who trained as an engineer in Spain, has been working as interim director since January 2011. Previously he worked for the Commission’s delegation in Washington DC in the late 1990s, where he was science counselor, and also in Uruguay, where he was acting head. He is also a former head of communications for the Commission’s directorate general for research.

Amor joined the ERC’s Executive Agency in 2009 as the head of grant management. He became the interim director following the departure of his immediate predecessor Jack Metthey.

The agency is run jointly by a director, who is in charge of a Brussels-based secretariat, and the ERC’s president, currently Helga Nowotny.