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Cefic wants to make its mark on 3-per-cent-goal

Cefic, the European chemicals industry council, has said it wants to encourage industry research spending to achieve the Commission’s Horizon 2020 target of investing 3% of GDP in R&D.

According to the first sustainability report from the lobby group, Cefic will focus on public-private partnerships in areas including water efficiency, smart cities and key enabling technologies to improve spending and environmentally friendly innovation. Such partnerships aim to drive “a quantum leap in innovation” and achieve the industry’s vision that nine billion people will be able to live within available global resources by 2050, Cefic says in the report.

However, the report highlights concern that Europe may struggle to maintain its R&D intensity because of low spending, particularly in the face of the strengthening capabilities in India and China. The lobby group admits that encouraging R&D investment will be a “challenging task”.

Suitable legislation and industry voluntary efforts will also be crucial to achieving long-term sustainability, Cefic states in the report. The group said it hopes that the report will create discussion on what could be achieved if industry, academia, government and society at large join forces.