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Operation Campus committee hands out €335m

France’s research minister, Laurent Wauquiez, has confirmed funding of €355 million for three university regeneration projects.

The money will be invested in projects to develop universities in Bordeaux, Grenoble and Toulouse via the Operation Campus programme. This is aimed at renovating a handful of campuses across the country to bring them to internationally competitive standards.

Wauquiez announced that Toulouse would receive €175m, Grenoble €80m and Bordeaux €100m. He said they were the most advanced of the projects selected for funding under the Operation Campus programme.

He signed agreements with the institutions during a meeting of a decision-making panel for the programme.

Projects in Aix-Marseille, Lorraine, Lille, Lyon, Montpellier and Strasbourg are yet to be allocated specific levels of funding. All have been discussing their proposed renovation projects with the panel.

The government initially received 17 proposals to set up campuses, which have been assessed by the international panel.

The new minister said that investments made under the programme will accelerate rapidly in the year ahead, and that by the beginning of next year investments worth €2 billion will have been made in 120 projects.