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Medicine innovation strategy under development

Germany’s government is working on a national strategy to improve innovation in medicine technology by bringing together experts from different ministries.

The research ministry announced on 20 October that it had convened a group of experts from the research, health and business ministries to work on the strategy.

The strategy, which is expected to be presented by the end of 2012, is intended to lead to more coherent and long-lasting innovation in medicine.

The strategy will improve the quality and speed of medical technology innovation, the research ministry stated. It will also make German medicine companies more competitive and improve treatments for patients, the ministry said.

“For a comprehensive innovation policy we need to look at both funding and the general innovation framework,” said Georg Schütte, the research ministry’s state secretary responsible for the strategy. “Therefore we also need to discuss the lack of professionals, new cooperation models, the need for clinical research and alternative funding concepts.”

Ernst Burgbacher, the business ministry’s representative in the group, said that Germany should build on its international reputation for quality technology and medicine. He said that the strategy should support medium-sized businesses in Germany, which were renowned for their quality work, to strengthen Germany’s economy and build international business links in medicine.