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Schulz plans ‘national education alliance’

Martin Schulz, head of Germany’s social-democratic SPD party, has said he would enable the federal government and states to cooperate on school policy if his party wins the general election.

Schulz presented his idea of a “national education alliance” on 28 August. If the state governments agreed to what would be a constitutional change, the federal government would spend an extra €12 billion on schools in the next four years, the news website Spiegel Online quoted him as saying.

Free education from daycare to university, including masters courses, would be another goal of the alliance, as would more digitisation in schools. This is a prerequisite for Germany to “become the number one country in Europe for qualifications and education”, Schulz said. The SPD also accused the federal education minister Johanna Wanka of failing to deliver on her promise to introduce a €5bn digital pact for schools.

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