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Covid-19 R&D gets another €122m from Horizon 2020

Image: Images Money [CC BY 2.0], via Flickr

EU launches call for projects to rapidly manufacture medical supplies and analyse socioeconomic impacts

An extra €122 million from the EU’s Horizon 2020 R&D programme has been allocated to a new call for “urgently needed” Covid-19 research and innovation.

Just under half of the money, €56m, is available for the development of technologies for better detection, surveillance and patient care, the European Commission announced on 19 May.

The call, which has a deadline of 11 June, is also offering seeks €23m for projects to repurpose manufacturing for rapid production of medical supplies and equipment, €20m to improve understanding of the behavioural and socioeconomic impacts of the pandemic, another €20m to develop pan-European patient groups, and €3m for collaboration around existing patient groups.

“We are mobilising all means at our disposal to fight this pandemic with testing, treatments and prevention,” said R&D commissioner Mariya Gabriel. “We must explore technological solutions to manufacture medical equipment and supplies faster, to monitor and prevent the spread of the disease and to better care for patients.”

The Commission said it would include rapid data-sharing clauses in its grant agreements so that solutions could be made immediately available and affordably for all.