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EU R&D project seeks input on cybersecurity roadmap

Europe advised to take “holistic” approach, encompassing research, innovation, education and skills

An EU-funded R&D project is seeking input on its recommendations for a roadmap for European cybersecurity.

The recommendations from the Concordia project call for a “holistic approach” to be taken, encompassing research and education among other things, to strengthen European digital sovereignty—an EU aim.

A project report published this month says that Europe’s current focus on the technological aspect of cybersecurity is “too narrow”. The proposed roadmap makes recommendations for research and innovation, education and skills, legal and policy, economic and investments, certification and standardisation, and community building.

Bringing together 54 institutions from across the EU with €16 million in support from the bloc, the project is asking for feedback on its recommendations, which will then be considered for a forthcoming cybersecurity strategy.

For research and innovation, the recommendations target three main areas: having the means to design and manufacture computers, storing data on cloud servers operating under EU legislation, and ensuring secure internet connectivity.

Other recommendations include developing a comprehensive European skills framework for cybersecurity, mapping existing courses on the topic and increasing opportunities for women in cyber.