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Academies demand more effort to commercialise public research

Image: Song_about_summer, via Shutterstock

Association calls for institutional strategies for intellectual property and more state support

The European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities has called on research organisations and governments to do more to support the commercialisation of publicly funded research.

Allea, which represents more than 50 academies across Europe, said in a statement published on 11 November that universities and other research organisations should adopt effective intellectual property strategies, while regional and national authorities should make it easier for larger organisations with strong IP capabilities to support smaller ones.

European authorities should also “seriously consider” providing preferential tax treatment for the income generated from commercialisation of publicly funded research results, the group said.

“Europe risks lagging behind other regions in incentivising knowledge transfer for innovation,” said Joseph Straus, chair of the Allea working group on IP rights.

“Academic institutions and policymakers must prepare better for the pivotal economic shift towards intangible assets, and adapt their legal frameworks and academic plans to efficiently respond to these trends.”