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EU’s Covid-19 research manifesto gathers 2,000 signatures

Researchers and research organisations pledge to follow open science and share intellectual property

A manifesto for EU Covid-19 research has collected 2,000 signatures from researchers and research organisations pledging to make the results of their work openly available for the common good.

The signatories have promised to make their results “public without delay” by sharing well-organised data on the EU’s Covid-19 Data Platform and, where possible, granting temporary license on intellectual properties than can fight the disease.

The European Commission, which started the manifesto, celebrated the milestone. Research commissioner Mariya Gabriel, who is isolating after testing positive for Covid-19, said on 15 October she was “delighted” with the support gathered since late July, when the manifesto was launched.

The Commission’s top R&D official, Jean-Eric Paquet, said the declaration would “increase the transformation of research results in solutions for society”, a goal of the recently rebooted European Research Area, the EU’s single market for knowledge.