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EU innovation agency launches ‘deep tech’ training prize


European Institute of Innovation and Technology to reward training providers participating in deep-tech scheme

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology has launched a prize to reward training providers taking part in its initiative to train one million people in ‘deep tech’—R&D-intensive, advanced technologies.

The Deep Tech Talent Initiative was launched last year to reduce the gap between the pace at which technology has advanced and the lack of tech skills across Europe. The EIT—an EU agency that works to boost innovation—works with industry and training providers to deliver on the pledge of training one million people in deep tech over the next three years.

On 10 July, the EIT announced that it was launching a Deep Tech Talent Training Prize to recognise training providers that are running “the most effective” programmes in deep tech.

Employers, universities, industry partners and other organisations providing training have been invited to apply to receive up to €60,000 each in funding.

“This prize recognises and praises the exceptional contributions of European organisations, such as universities, training providers and companies, in tackling the challenges of deep-tech training,” said the chair of the EIT governing board, Nektarios Tavernarakis.

“By fostering collaboration and innovation, these entities are instrumental in ensuring that individuals from diverse backgrounds have access to excellent training opportunities.”

Organisations may apply in one of two categories: Partner Training for consortia of at least two organisations or Targeted Training for individual organisations. The deadline to apply is 31 October.