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Consultation opened on Digital Europe programme

 Image: dem10, via Getty Images

Feedback could improve programme helping to digitise businesses, public administrations and other organisations

The European Commission is gathering views of stakeholders on Digital Europe the €7.9 billion EU funding programme that helps to digitise businesses, public administrations and other organisations.

Feedback from the consultation could lead to improvements to the programme, which complements others such as the Horizon Europe research and innovation programme, and inform the design of future initiatives.

The Commission said: “The consultation seeks to gain insights into the needs of stakeholders related to the digital transformation, [the programme’s] benefits and possible improvements.

“As such, it will gather diverse perspectives—from small and medium-sized enterprises to non-governmental organisations, academia, social partners, public authorities, and other public and private organisations as well as citizens from EU member states and associated countries.”

The 12-week consultation will run until 20 September. It is an interim evaluation and will look at whether the programme is running well four years after it started.

Digital Europe focuses on six key areas: high-performance computing; artificial intelligence; cybersecurity and trust; advanced digital skills; adoption and best use of key digital technologies; and semiconductors.