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Google’s Dublin data centre: how cool is that

Google has deepened its involvement in Ireland with the announcement that it is to open a €75 million data centre on an 11 acre site.

The company says the investment will create 200 jobs during construction and that the centre will have a staff of 30.

The company already has a Dublin base that employs 2,000 and last year it purchased three office buildings in central Dublin, including the tallest commercial office in the city.

Details of the data centre were announced on 30 September by the jobs and enterprise minister, Richard Bruton. He said Google’s decision was an endorsement of government policy which seeks to encourage IT engagement, particularly cloud computing services, in Ireland. Data centres were needed to support this activity.

One of Google’s reasons for placing the centre here was climate. Average air temperatures in Ireland are considerably lower than in IT hotspots such as California, and Google officials said the coolness of the air and the summers would help to keep down the running costs of a large data centre.

Servers in such centres generated considerable heat, making air conditioning a sizeable expense, said Google. It had therefore put considerable work into its design for Dublin which it said would be one of the world’s most energy-efficient data centres.

Soon after taking office last March the government announced it was putting €5 million into a cloud computing research centre and it has established an implementation group to drive its cloud computing ambitions.