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Copenhagen University plans ‘super faculties’

The University of Copenhagen unveiled plans to merge the Faculty of Life Sciences (LIFE) and the Faculty of Science, creating a 'super faculty', on 20 September. A merger of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Faculty of Health Sciences is also on the cards.

The aim of both mergers would be to create “stronger academic environment and better education and research within the areas of energy, climate, sustainability, food science and treatment of patients”, the university said in a press release.

Ralf Hemmingsen, the university’s vice chancellor, said the mergers will create a structure that “combines the applied research in the business sector with basic research”.

The plans would affect 14,000 students and over 6,000 employees; two thirds of the total staff the university. The university’s board of directors will debate the proposal in December and if given the go-ahead the mergers could take effect in 2013.