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Dutch presidency aims for openness and togetherness

Tim Buiting looks at what the Netherlands is aiming to achieve for research during what looks set to be a challenging six months.

When unveiling its plans for the EU presidency in the first half of 2016, the Netherlands announced that its term would be “sober”. The British in particular—who do not associate the EU with teetotalism—reacted with surprise, until the Dutch realised that the confusion stemmed from poor translation. “Sober” was changed to “efficient”, clarifying the nation’s intentions for both its presidency and the attendant catering.

As befits an efficient presidency, all events will be held at one location: the old marine grounds in Amsterdam. There will be only one Competitiveness Council meeting on research and innovation, as the agenda was too slim to justify two. Perhaps the most symbolic decision is to reuse the logo from the last Dutch presidency in 2004.

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