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Back page gossip from the 6 April issue of Research Europe

Security hacks No one attempted to disguise the screening of suspicious characters as random at a meeting of Europe’s largest political party in Malta last month. Journalists at the European People’s Party’s congress were made to use a rear door, and submit to a bag check and body scan every time. This led to hour-long delays, while everybody else was able to simply stroll through the swanky hotel foyer. Bright blue media bracelets giving journalists free food at a nearby restaurant sweetened the experience, but we suspect their real purpose was to signpost the media’s presence to cagey MEPs.

French connection Thierry Mandon, France’s secretary of state for higher education and research, had reason to celebrate last month and didn’t keep the good news to himself. On 23 March, Mandon announced to the world that his ministry had finally been set up with Wi-Fi, almost two years after he asked for it on his first day in the job. “It’s here—finally! Wi-Fi in the ministry of higher education and research. We’re all connected!” Mandon tweeted. Shame he will only have a month to enjoy it before being booted out of government in May’s election.

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