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Five projects explore ‘quake-related health issues

The Health Research Council of New Zealand and the Canterbury Medical Research Foundation (CMRF) have invested in five research projects exploring the health implications of the Canterbury earthquakes.

“Each of the research proposals selected has the potential to generate important knowledge which will be of national and international significance,” said Robin Olds, HRC chief executive, in a statement on 3 October.

Guy Johnson, CMRF director, added, “This knowledge will contribute towards a greater understanding of the health implications of seismic events and other disasters, and will be of tremendous value in planning both current and future health systems’ responses to disasters in Canterbury, elsewhere in New Zealand and internationally.”

The projects will explore a variety of themes, including possible links between stress, genes and certain heart problems; the demands faced by first response workers; the ongoing impact of the earthquakes on older people’s health; and community resilience.