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National health innovation hub to be established

The New Zealand government plans to establish a national health innovation hub, it was announced on 22 September.

The aim of the hub will be to improve links between the health technology sector and the health service in New Zealand.

The hub will help develop health technology ideas generated by clinicians and companies into business propositions, products and services.

“The new hub will be a catalyst for innovative ideas coming from our health technology sector. It will streamline links between the health service and industry, spread new products and ideas and commercialise intellectual property,” said David Carter, economic development minister.

“Many companies in our health sector are renowned for their innovative products, such as advanced communication technologies and medical devices. The innovation hub will help them take their ideas even further,” added the health minister, Tony Ryall.

The hub will be based within a core group of District Health Boards: Auckland, Counties-Manukau, Waitemata and Canterbury.

The government has committed NZ$3 million to the project, the estimated cost of which stands at NZ$24m.

The remaining investment will come from a mixture of public and private sources.