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Campaign to keep gender balance on the agenda during Covid-19

STEM organisations join forces to promote and protect women scientists and engineers

Twenty science and technology organisations have joined forces with the campaign group Women in Science and Engineering to promote and protect women in the sector during the Covid-19 crisis.

Together with organisations such as the Royal Society of Chemistry, Tech UK and the Institution of Civil Engineers, the campaign group has pooled resources to “ensure we continue to engage, nurture, grow and understand the important contribution of women in science, technology and engineering in the UK”.

“We are here to support government, employers, educators and individual scientists and engineers to keep gender on the agenda during the coming weeks and months,” the joint statement said.

The organisations have committed to several actions, including to tell positive stories about the way women are making a difference in the current pandemic, and to provide women at risk of losing their jobs access to online technical training.

In addition, the organisations pledged to monitor the gender impact of decisions about employment, education and caring roles during the pandemic to ensure women are not disproportionately affected, as well as to embrace new ways of working, such as online meetings and reduced travel.

“To this end,” they said, “in this global pandemic, more than ever before, the business, economic and social case for equality, diversity and inclusion in science, technology and engineering is absolutely fundamental.”