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Arma launches special interest group for the ‘global majority’

Image: ilkercekic, via Getty Images

Group will support research managers and administrators identifying as Black, Indigenous or People of Colour

The UK Association of Research Managers and Administrators has launched a global majority special interest group.

The launch of Arma’s “first ever” interest group of this kind was announced by the association on 13 June.

Introduced in 2003, ‘global majority’ is a term for those who identify as Black, Indigenous or People of Colour.

The group aims to provide a space for discussion and support and to help address challenges faced by research managers and administrators who identify as being part of the global majority.

Challenges listed by Arma include obstacles in career advancement, underrepresentation at higher salary grades and a disproportionate responsibility to start and maintain equality, diversity and inclusion committees.

Open to all research managers and administrators who identify as part of the global majority, the group will be led by Mary Caspillo-Brewer at Imperial College London, Anpu Varghese at the University of Aberdeen and Natalie Wall at King’s College London.

These three “champions”, who will work collaboratively to deliver two to three information-sharing sessions a year, said: “As members of the global majority ourselves, we want to create a supportive and innovative space for Arma members and non-members alike to build each other up.”