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Christmas party


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KeeganSoS: This year the duty has fallen to me.

Halfon4Harlow: To be education secretary?

Malthouse5: I did that for a bit this year.

CleverlyFO: Me too.

MDcult: And me, well for 36 hours, does it still count?

NadZ: I think I did it as well. Hard to keep up.

KeeganSoS: No, I mean to organise the Christmas party.

DfEPermSecretary: I’m not sure that’s a good idea.

GeorgeFreemanTHEscienceminister: Quite agree, the public have had enough of our partying.

Halfon4Harlow: Too right, have you seen the polls?

GeorgeFreemanTHEscienceminister: I meant Boris.

Halfon4Harlow: So did I.

DfEPermSecretary: I just meant we might bring in a professional party planner.

NusGscienceyminister: You mean the chair of the Conservative Party?

CallMeMrShapps: I did that for a while.

CleverelyFO: Me too, I think.

NadZ: So did I.

GeorgeFreemanTHEscienceminister: It’s still you, isn’t it?

NadZ: Is it? Hard to keep up.

DfEPermSecretary: No, I meant someone who organises parties professionally.

Halfon4Harlow: Kier Starmer?

DfEPermSecretary: Look, after the last time we had a Christmas party at the DfE, I just think we could do it a bit better.

CallMeMrShapps: Who did it last time?

MDcult: I was not present.

SirGavin: It was not a party.

DfEPermSecretary: You can say that again.

SirGavin: It was a work event. It did not reach the threshold for criminal activity.

GeorgeFreemanTHEscienceminister: Is that the measure of a good party?

Malthouse5: It was when I was a student.

CleverlyFO: I didn’t know you were in the Bullingdon.

Malthouse5: Is that a pub?

KeeganSoS: There will be no criminal activity, just something simple and sophisticated.

CallMeMrShapps: With no alcohol.

Halfon4Harlow: Seriously?

CallMeMrShapps: I’m sure I saw a memo about that.

Malthouse5: It’s called the Sue Gray compromise. You can have a party, but you can’t drink.

MDcult: Aren’t you thinking of the World Cup?

GeorgeFreemanTHEscienceminister: Qatar is a dry state.

NadZ: It’s practically a desert.

NusGscienceyminister: I think it’s literally a desert.

CleverlyFO: Maybe you are allowed an exemption to have a drink while watching the football. I’m sure I saw that on someone’s Instagram.

CallMeMrShapps: That was Kier Starmer.

MDCult: Wasn’t he drinking at a by-election?

NadZ: Well, he’s had a few to toast recently.

KeeganSoS: Why don’t we have the Christmas Party when watching the football, that way we can have a drink and stick it all on Instagram.

GeorgeFreemanTHEscienceminister: Isn’t that just called watching the football?

Malthouse5: Who’s playing?

Halfon4Harlow: England vs France.

NadZ: Don’t invite Suella Braverman.

Halfon4Harlow: Doesn’t she like football?

NadZ: No, just don’t invite Suella Braverman.

KeeganSoS: OK, who is on the list?

SirGavin: I’ve got a list.

DfEPermSecretary: Not that kind of list.

SirGavin: Of who’s been naughty and who’s been naughtier.

CallMeMrShapps: Am I on it?

NadZ: I think I’m on it, hard to keep up.

KeeganSoS: I meant who should we invite to the party?

MDcult: You mean World Cup work event?

CleverlyFO: To show that we are perfectly normal people.

SirGavin: I’m not.

Malthouse5: I think I am, or maybe that’s Jake Berry.

KeeganSoS: Shall we invite all the former education and science ministers?

DfEPermSecretary: I think we are going to need a bigger room.

KeeganSoS: Maybe we should make a special effort for those who will not be with us after the next election.

NadZ: You are going to have to be a lot more specific than that.

DfEPermSecretary: I don’t think there is a room big enough.

KeeganSoS: I was thinking of Chris Skidmore. He was two times universities and science minister.

Malthouse5: What about Matt Hancock, wasn’t he something to do with skills?

CleverlyFO: Not that I ever noticed.

KeeganSoS: Maybe we should just stick with people who have been ministers this calendar year.

NadZ: That includes Andrea Jenkyns.

CallMeMrShapps: So, I didn’t dream that?

NadZ: And Jonathan Gullis.

CleverlyFO: We are definitely allowed to drink at this party, right?

MDcult: World Cup work event.

KeeganSoS: And Instagram opportunity.

DfEPermSecretary: Maybe we should invite some vice-chancellors?

NadZ: Think I’d rather have Matt Hancock, to be honest.

DfEPermSecretary: I’ve got a list.

SirGavin: Me too.

KeeganSoS: Not now Gavin.

MDcult: What about the actual chancellor?

NadZ: Rishi Sunak?

GeorgeFreemanTHEscienceminister: He’s the prime minister.

NadZ: Is he? Hard to keep up.

CallMeMrShapps: Some say Rishi is still the true chancellor and Jeremy Hunt is just a vice-chancellor.

DfEPermSecretary: Is he? He’s not on my list.

SirGavin: He’s on mine.

Malthouse5: When did Jeremy Hunt become a vice-chancellor? I’m confused.

Halfon4Harlow: Sounds about right.

NadZ: Didn’t he have something to do with skills?

CleverlyFO: He ran a company called Hotcourses.

KeeganSoS: Was that like Deliveroo?

MDCult: The Olympics.

Malthouse5: I thought you said it was the World Cup?

MDCult: Jeremy Hunt wasn’t a skills minister, but he was minister for the Olympics.

KeeganSoS: Think he’ll know about football then?

CallMeMrShapps: I sincerely doubt it.

Malthouse5: Weren’t you a vice-chancellor?

CallMeMrShapps: I was chancellor for a week during the summer.

Malthouse5: I went to Tenerife for a week during the summer.

KeeganSoS: This is getting confusing, no vice-chancellors.

NadZ: Does that mean I can’t come?

KeeganSoS: We can have ex-chancellors, just not vice-chancellors.

DfEPermSecretary: What about actual chancellors?

Malthouse5: Didn’t someone say Rishi Sunak is the actual chancellor?

Halfon4Harlow: Don’t invite him, he doesn’t drink, and he’ll waffle on for hours about Star Wars.

DfEPermSecretary: No, I meant university chancellors.

KeeganSoS: Good call, are there any who used to be Conservative MPs?

DfEPermSecretary: John Bercow.

NadZ: Wonder if Matt Hancock is still available.

Malthouse5: You can bet on it.

NusGscienceyminister: This list is very biased towards education.

KeeganSoS: You mean they all went to private school?

NazGscienceyminister: No, I mean we need to invite some people from the business department.

KeeganSoS: OK, same rules, only people who have been ministers this year.

GeorgeFreemanTHEscienceminister: Kwasi Kwarteng?

KeeganSoS: I’m beginning to think this party wasn’t such a good idea.

GeorgeFreemanTHEscienceminister: Didn’t Liz Truss used to have something to do with skills?

NadZ: You are kidding, right?

MDCult: She did childcare.

KeeganSoS: Before or while she was prime minister?

MDCult: No, she was in charge of childcare at the DfE.

KeeganSoS: She ran the creche?

NusGscienceyminister: Was it a car creche?

MDCult: She was actually childcare minister for nearly two years.

GeorgeFreemanTHEscienceminister: That’s 12 times longer than she lasted as PM.

MDCult: Michael Gove was education secretary.

Malthouse5: That’s blown my mind.

KeeganSoS: That Liz Truss was childcare minister for two years?

Malthouse5: That Michael Gove was ever education secretary.

NadZ: Liz has been deleted from this list, right?

SirGavin: She’s on mine.

NadZ: No, I mean the WhatsApp group.

InLizWeTruss: Errr… is this thing on? How does it work?

NadZ: Who else is on here?

BringBackBoris: Did someone say party? Count me in.

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