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US study abroad programme sends students to Barbados

Chair of the history department of the USA’s Virginia Commonwealth University, Bernard Moitt, will lead a study abroad program in Barbados next month.

Antigua-born Moitt specialises in the histories and literatures of Africa and the Caribbean.

The programme will explore Atlantic history and culture between July 15 and August 9 2011.

Participating students will explore the evolution and development of Caribbean societies over the last 500 years and the responses of Caribbean peoples to forces that have shaped their lives, according to the university’s website.

Among the areas to be examined are plantation slavery, gender, language, migration, education, religion, race, identity, sports, architecture, archaeology, music, dance and cuisine.

“The Barbados study abroad program is designed to give students, with or without a background in Caribbean studies, who are open to ethnic and cultural diversity, a greater appreciation of the history and culture of the Caribbean, and the significance and uniqueness of Barbados in particular,’’ the website stated.

The Virginia Commonwealth University’s international student exchange programme networks some 275 universities in 39 countries, according to its website.

Students must have completed one successful academic year of study. Further details are available on the website.