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Belize students get Taiwan scholarships

Twenty-five Belizean students leave for Taiwan this month after winning scholarships for bachelor, master’s and doctoral degrees.

On 25 August, the students will leave for Taiwan and a year’s instruction in Mandarin, according to the Belizean newspaper, the Reporter.

Some of the students will be pursuing doctoral degrees. Melton Morrison will be studying towards a PhD in educational policy and administration at National Taiwan Normal University.

Other students, such as Kimberley Westby will pursue a master’s degree. Westby is registered to study business administration in technology management at Taiwan’s Tsing Hua University.

Nineteen students have received Taiwan’s International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF) scholarships. Brian Samayoa and Luis Hernandez, for example, will study tropical agriculture at Taiwan’s Pintung University of Science and Technology.

Among their fields of study will be tropical agriculture, business administration, technology management, human resource development, mechanical engineering, international health, nursing, nursing administration and health care administration, international trade management, and fine arts, educational policy and administration visual design, biotechnology, computer science and engineering.

The Taiwan Scholarship Programme and the International Cooperation and Development Fund Scholarship Program 2011 fund have awarded Belizeans about 185 scholarships to study in Taiwan.

About 80 have completed their studies and returned to their country, according to the newspaper report.