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Coronavirus developments at a glance—1 April

More calls for Covid-19 openness, and coronavirus-linked trouble continues for university pensions

The European Commission has joined senior science advisers from 15 countries around the world in calling for academic publishers to make all articles and data related to Covid-19 immediately available to everyone, to support efforts to tackle the pandemic.

During market turmoil in March the deficit the country’s Universities Superannuation Scheme pension fund faces if all employers cease contributions reached £37.4 billion. It has since recovered, but only slightly.

Health secretary Matt Hancock has said hospitals should use spare laboratory space to test self-isolating NHS staff for coronavirus, so they can go back to work sooner if found negative, but some scientists are not sure labs are ready. UK Research and Innovation has issued an open call for research and innovation ideas to address the coronavirus pandemic.

The federal government must develop new incentives to attract industry investment in R&D or risk jeopardising Australia’s economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, a national science association has said. And Australia is likely to be in a weaker position in global politics following the Covid-19 pandemic, chiefly as a result of deteriorating relations between the United States and China, a leading foreign policy analyst has said.

New Zealand
The future of charities and volunteer organisations will be affected by self-distancing measures introduced to stop the spread of Covid-19, a University of Auckland visiting research fellow has said.