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Coronavirus developments at a glance—4 June

Trust in science, Italian science post-corona, and more

Focus: Trust in the time of coronavirus

As the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic slowly ebbs in Europe, public health experts are warning that a second wave this coming winter is very likely. But others in academia are keeping their eyes on a different kind of wave: one made up of the rush of attention being paid to scientific expertise.


A group of 400 Italian scientists and academics have urged political leaders to focus on ten main challenges in order to emerge from the Covid-19 crisis with a more sustainable economy.

Some universities are already taking steps to prepare for “the new normal”, according to a report from the higher education consultancy Sums on how Covid-19 is affecting UK research.

Universities have been given more guidance from the government on how to reopen laboratories, classrooms and accommodation safely next academic year, but some have labelled it a “tick-box exercise”.

Francis Crick director Paul Nurse has said his offer of carrying out 2,000 coronavirus tests a day was never taken up by the government.

The African Union has launched a plan to dramatically increase Covid-19 testingover the next few months.

Universities in South Africa are slowly reopening, but the process will unfold differently at different institutions. Some are welcoming some students back in early June, while others will wait until next month to do so.

Interview: how the international director of Japan’s Riken network is pushing an era of collaboration with Europe.

A massive swell in Covid-19 funding has left researchers who track R&D spending scrambling to keep up, one expert has warned.

The spread of research into Covid-19 has closely mirrored the spread of the disease, prompting a flurry of papers and clinical trials, according to an analysis from technology company Digital Science.