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Industry drives Asian biomed R&D growth, analysis shows

Asia-Oceania was the only region in the world to increase real-terms spending on biomedical R&D from 2007 to 2012, an analysis has shown.

The findings are reported in an article, Asia’s Ascent—Global trends in biomedical R&D expenditures, published on 2 January in The New England Journal of Medicine. The authors say that, in figures adjusted to 2012 currency values, global biomedical R&D spending increased by 2.4 per cent during the period: from $262.1 billion (€192bn) in 2007 to $268.4bn in 2012.

However, overall spending on biomedical R&D only increased in the Asia-Oceania region, where it rose by 51 per cent: from $41.1bn in 2007 to $62bn in 2012. Biomedical R&D spending decreased in the United States, Canada and Europe during that period, with a decline of nearly 10 per cent in the US, from $131bn down to $119bn. Europe’s decrease was smaller, from $83.6bn to $81.8bn, a difference of less than 3 per cent.

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