Privacy notice for Research Professional SSO Service Provider

Service name

Research Professional

Description of the Service

Research Professional is an intuitive platform for online access to news and funding services.

Entity ID

Personal data processed

Research Professional has 4 requested attributes:

  • eduPersonPrincipalName
  • eduPersonTargetedID
  • employeeID
  • mail

These attributes are used to authorise user access and to connect a user’s SSO identity to their Research Professional account, allowing them easy access to the system. The personal data is necessary for providing the service that the end user has requested.

Logs are maintained, which will record the attributes provided. These are required to ensure the integrity and availability of our service, and to allow investigation of authentication issues. These logs are regularly rotated and so data is not held longer than required for this purpose.

Research Professional Privacy Policy

End users can choose to access the Research Professional as a guest or to create a full account. Full details of the data held in Research Professional and how it is managed can be found in the Privacy Policy for this service. This includes information on Access, Correction, and Erasure of the data held, plus details on Data Portability, Retention and Deletion.

To rectify the data released by your Home Organisation, contact your Home Organisation’s IT helpdesk.

If you have any specific privacy questions, please see the relevant contacts in the Privacy Policy. For more general Research Professional enquiries, please contact our customer support team.