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Our focus is research policy, research funding and research politics. We cover government departments, funding agencies such as the research councils and the activity of universities themselves. Everything from new innovation policies, to new grant schemes, to open access is included.

These days, there’s an overwhelming flood of news that can be too much for most people to manage. We collate all of that, organise it and distil it into a flow of news that’s quick and easy to follow. But with an editorial team of 40 around the world, we also have the resources to dig deeper on the issues that matter.

We take an objective, independent view of events cutting through the gloss of press releases to the raw reality. And our strength in depth means we don’t lose track of important issues. We know what matters to researchers and stay on the case, day after day.

Our coverage includes the emerging global research policy nexus at the G7 level, activity in the EU and Africa and national services covering Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, the UK and the US.

With a range of bulletins and the option of fully personalised email alerts, it’s easy to tailor our news to your needs. So you can easily stay informed about the things that matter to you and skip the rest. You can easily browse the news pages on your phone.

Our news provides valuable insight, delivered through flexible technology, to everyone in your institution. That all adds up to sharper awareness of the policy and funding environment in which you are operating. Which in turn puts everyone in a better position to make good decisions about where to invest, who to hire and what to do next.